Tree Cabling & Bracing in Hartland, Wisconsin and Surrounding Areas

If you have large canopy trees that are prone to vertical splitting, multiple trunks and heavy branches like Live Oaks, Pecan or Elm, you will most likely need the cabling and bracing services of Arbor Pro, LLC. Our certified arborists can often repair damaged trees with cabling and bracing. We use high strength cable and forged closed-ended lag bolts to strengthen a tree for the long run. Our cabling equipment is professionally installed and does not affect the appearance of the tree.

Cabling Weak Branches

Certain trees grow heavy branches. And even well-maintained trees are expected to develop weaknesses that make breaking branches a strong possibility. In order to reshape the canopy and to reduce the risk of the branch being hazardous in the future, we introduce cabling to channel growing branches to safer angles.

Bracing Split Trees

Because of heavy branches, multiple roots, or even storm damage, a tree's trunk can split and present a hazard to your home or neighbors. If bracing the tree is sounds better than removing the tree, your certified arborist will pick the points where the bracing rods are to be inserted to guide the tree's growth.

For more information on our tree cabling and bracing services, contact us in Hartland, Wisconsin today.