Tree Care Questions in Hartland, Wisconsin

Why Hire a Certified Arborist?

A certified arborist is a true tree care professional. This is a voluntary credential through the International Society of Arboriculture that helps you know that you are dealing with someone with a high degree of knowledge, skill and a passion for caring for trees. This credential is maintained by earning continuing education credits every 3 years.

What qualifications does your company have?

We have 3 certified arborists on staff 1 CTSP (Tree Care Industry Association Certified Treecare Safety Professional) on staff Wisconsin Arborist Association Members on staff Arbor Pro, LLC is a Tree Care Industry Association member

Do you work all year?

Yes, with the exception of extreme cold or heat we would love to care for your trees and shrubs

Is winter a good time to prune/ remove trees?

Yes. Winter is a great time to prune and remove trees. When the ground is frozen we are able to move around your property with little to no ground impact. This makes winter removals easy for Arbor Pro. Winter is also a great time to prune trees. For trees such as Oaks, Elms, and Crabapples, the dormant winter season is the only time to prune in order to prevent the spread of disease. Winter is also a great time to do structural and training pruning on trees. The lack of leaves on the trees makes it very easy to identify what needs to stay and what can be removed from the tree.

How will this work impact my yard?

We have very low impact equipment including a rubber-tracked Spider Lift that can fit through a 36'' gate as well as a very low impact loader. If there is ever a risk of causing damage we can drive on plywood sheets in order to protect your yard. Our employees are also highly efficient climbers with rope and saddle for when we cannot use equipment on your trees. We DO NOT use spikes while pruning your trees.

Are you insured?

Yes. Arbor Pro is fully insured for liability and workman's comp.

Do we do chemical applications and fertilizations?

Yes. We treat for a wide variety of tree diseases and pests. We also offer deep root fertilization with root biostimulant.

Do you treat for Emerald Ash Borer?

Yes. We offer 2 types of service, an annual soil insecticide treatment and a Tree Age trunk injection that will last for 2 years.

Will you top my trees?

NO. Topping trees is very bad for the tree. This is usually done in an attempt to reduce the height of the tree however; topping can cause the tree to sucker out at the cuts. This sucker growth will be very fast growing, weakly attached and more prone to breakage in time. You could end up a few years down the road with a tree that is taller than it was before it was topped and is more prone to damage. Not to mention the fact that is ugly. Sometimes the better option is to remove the tree and plant something more size appropriate.

Do you do power line clearance?

No, we do not have any qualified line clearance arborists on staff.

Do we stump grind?

Yes. We can grind stumps of any size. We usually grind to 6-8'' below the surface grade but can go deeper upon request.

When can I get this work done?

As many of our clients have been very satisfied with our work in the past, we often have repeat clients. Many of them will tell you that good, quality, and safe work is well worth the wait. Please contact Arbor Pro and we will be able to help you.

For any additional questions about the services we provide, contact our office in Hartland, Wisconsin today.