Stump Grinding Services in Hartland, Wisconsin and Surrounding Areas

Using self-propelled low impact machines, we can get to just about any stump and make it disappear. Our machines travel lightly over your lawn and are designed to fit though a standard 36 inch gate opening. We also offer complete clean-up and re-landscaping for the removed stump(s).

How Stump Grinding Works

Stump Grinding is a small, single person-operated machine brought in to grind down the tree stump after a removal has been completed. The machine is lightweight and self-propelled so there will be no damage to sod or surrounding landscape. However, three feet of clear direct access to the stump is required. As the grinding wheel passes over the stump, it turns it into mulch that is raked back into the hole leaving a couple inches for sod placement.

A regular stump grinding goes down approximately 4 inches and the remaining underground portion of the stump decomposes naturally over time. A deep grinding is a specialty task and must be specified by the customer. This includes grinding the stump out completely, which is approximately one to two feet deep for most trees.

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