Tree Removal Services in Hartland, Wisconsin and Surrounding Areas

Tree removal can be dangerous. Are you looking for an insured tree service near me? From simple shrub removals to a difficult large Oak tree removal, our Hartland, Wisconsin based tree service has the equipment and the expertise to take down the tree right. We can chip all the brush, remove all the wood and grind the stumps. Specializing in complicated rigging, we can take down trees piece by piece, safely and efficiently, if necessary. We are equipped to handle jobs of all sizes. You'll be amazed at how well the clean-up will be after the job is done. Our arborists proudly do large tree removals for Waukesha, Milwaukee, Hartland and other surrounding areas.

Why Remove Trees?

Trees get diseases from natural and human-generated causes. Between bugs, climate, and the natural order of things with some tree types and species, it happens. If your tree is showing physical signs of disease or death in certain areas, contact the certified arborists at Arbor Pro, LLC. If they deem that the tree cannot recover from the disease, infestation or is already dead, our experienced tree removal experts remove it so that the disease doesn't spread.

Stump Removal Service

Once the tree is gone, you're left with the stump. Depending on placement, you can decide to leave it as d├ęcor, or you can opt to have it removed so that yard pests like termites can't colonize it. We will grind the stump down to the roots in order to remove it from your yard.

For more information on our trimming and pruning services, contact us in Hartland, Wisconsin today.